Forgive & Forget
Monday, November 28, 2016 0 comment(s)
Hi. So let's be clear here. I've been thinking to delete all of my account in social media. Actually I'm not really that kind of social person but yes I have that several account that I know it is not important for me and maybe could bring any harm to me someday. Yes, I've already deleted all of my posts because I don't wanna remember things that couldn't bring any joy or good memories. So why not right. 

At the meantime, I maybe be that person which is not up-to-date to news or any things right? I intended not to deleted all of it. It maybe give me some kind of important information. To be honest to you guys, I don't even know which social media I've joined because when I need an information I just signed up to get it then I never use it anymore. 

Now let's be free. Free from everything, yay!


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