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Thursday, February 23, 2017 0 comment(s)
Hi guys. Basically I am not planning to post this. I just think if anyone have facing the same problem as mine and didn't know how to solve it. I can help them.

Since this happened to me, I want to share how I solve it.

The reason why I wanted to change my e-mail address because I didn't use my old e-mail address anymore. I may facing a problem to remember the password for my old e-mail address in future.

Here I share the steps to change it.


1. Log in to your BLOGGER ACCOUNT (using old email).

2. Go to SETTINGS.

3. At BASIC, you guys can see PERMISSIONS section.

4. Based on picture, on BLOG AUTHORS, click +ADD AUTHORS. KEY IN your NEW E-MAIL ADDRESS and click INVITE AUTHORS.

5. Check your NEW E-MAIL ADDRESS. You may see this e-mail from BLOGGER. Click ACCEPT INVITATION.

6. After you accept the invitation, it will directly go to this page.  Again, CLICK ACCEPT INVITATION.

7. Then, using your OLD EMAIL ADDRESS, you can change NEW EMAIL AS ADMIN. You can either change the old email address as author or delete it or you can stay the old email address as admin.

8. Finished!

You can visit this websites if you don't understand my english hehe




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