10th day of nothing.
Wednesday, July 19, 2017 0 comment(s)
Hi. I'm back. Not totally back, but I'm back. How are you guys? I’m fine but a little bit lifeless, workless. Since I quit my job about a week ago, I watch Grey’s Anatomy every single day. Yes, it’s a tv series with 13 season and 22 eps each season maybe. Don’t judge.

I didn't have a chance to share my story about everything. I've been busy with my job, my first ever job. Never had a chance to share anything and now I'm going to tell you guys how I ended it. I tell ya why I quit my job. It’s sadly because of my father don’t want to send me there anymore. If you guys want to know, I do have my driving licence. Not even that, I already finished my P licence and already renewed it this year. But guess what, level of overprotective of my both parents are expertly higher than you guys. Don’t bother if I’ve ever complaining about them. It’s not because I’m not respecting them, it’s just everything I do seems like having a huge limitedness that doesn’t make any sense to me. Outrageous. But it’s okay for now.

Actually, I worked at Guardian which is “not so far from home” as sales assistant. I worked since March 20th and quit on July 9th. More than 3 months I bet ya. I did enjoyed my work there. Everyone seems so nice and friendly even most of the time I think they talked too much, but who cares as long as they are doing their right job right.

Yeah it is my 10th day of not having any fixed job. It's funny how people think I can't make my own decision and I'm 21 years old. What? Am I supposed to make my own decision, ignore all of my parents words and doing everything I like? No, things didn't works that ways, for me absolutely. How much I hates my parents "overprotective thingy", I still know how to respect their decision. They are always taking care of me. I'm such a clumsy, hot tempered, stupid and lazy girl who always need a wake up call on something. But if its comes to my both parents decision, I do respect them. I don't need a wake up call for this because I always know what consequences they are thinking to protect their innocent little girl. Sometimes I don't like what they have decided for me to do and not going to do, but when times pass by, I just understands how things works. They are always right.

At the end of the day, I always needs other people support and decision then I know which path I should follow.


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