11th day of a little bit thing
Friday, July 21, 2017 0 comment(s)
Hi again. I'm being actively sharing my story day by day. Maybe because I don't have things to do. I mean, I do have. Just I'm changing some things.

So today is my 12th day of I don't know what would happen yet, but yesterday I do having a nice day with my friend. I met Elisa. She's my kind of great workmate back then and now. We were chilling at mamak's near our "used to be" a workplace. Yes, she has just quitting her job.

We went there so she can have all of these seasons of grey's anatomy that I've been downloading. Guess what. She's the reason why I'm watching all of these super crap story that I can't even stop watching it and keep obsessing with it. Thank you Elisa, lol. When I used to worked with her, she said that I wouldn't regret and I will love this story. So here I am.

We were having such a quality time talking about past, future and grey's anatomy absolutely. I kept telling her that Alex is the handsome guy, but she always go with Derek. But really, I thank her for introducing me with this "grey's anatomy" things. She spoiled everything about the story okay since she has already watch it till the end.

It was so amazing to shared a little bit talk. Sharing the same interest. We got to talked about grey's anatomy all the time. It's fun because it's been a long time I didn't have a chance to talk to my fellow friends.

I miss my friends. Thank you Elisa for taking me out yesterday btw!


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